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Mindshare Medical is now RevealDx

Precision Medicine Through Image Driven Intelligence

Mindshare Medical has developed a revolutionary, evidence-based clinical decision support technology. Our solution provides personalized diagnostics and guidance on the effectiveness of follow-up procedures and treatments. This approach is intended to dramatically improve quality of patient care and reduce financial liability for healthcare organizations.


Improve Quality of Care

Missed diagnoses and false positives significantly affect quality of care. Our solution assists radiologists and specialists to improve the detection and characterization of diseases including severity and progression.

Control Financial Liability

Healthcare is quickly shifting to a fee-for-value paradigm. Increasingly, organizations such as IDNs, ACOs, and clinics with risk-based contracts are becoming more financially liable for the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare. Mindshare provides guidance designed to optimize follow-up procedures and treatments for the individual patient by assessing clinical value.

Reach for a Real Solution

Mindshare Medical stratifies patient risk within the context of rich population image and patient information. Our analytics uses image pattern recognition algorithms combined with patient information through deep learning to build intelligence that assists clinicians and patients in making more effective and efficient clinical decisions.

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